Baby You should let me hold U
Love like Supposed to
Wont you come
Maybe U can roll thru
Say, you and your whole crew
Later on
Got me so ecstatic
You know
You the baddest
Shocked me Like static
All aglow
With your magic
I feel like.. water in a dream
Float feather over stream
Yo i Might just take flight
Past momentary things
Im in heaven and its life
The concept of strife
Is so 3rd dimension,
My Fathers Infinite,
High arithmetic
Take whats given and make-in-to-a-million
All my melanated people how you feeling
Back from the dead, Crack to head
At the door tried to kill us but we still in the building
For my forefathers, coming for you, On the real man
Making all this bacon, Got me feeling so amazing
No shade, Really Life is for the ta-king
Let me see your hands reach for sky
And all my naggin ladies can we please stop complaining
Bless to my Queens, Mines draped in bling
Balmain jeans, keep my baby fly
Sacred vessel of the dna
Holding records Reaching far past the dark days
Solace Seem kinda far but we made a way
I take her home and make her moan like a anime
Boo blessed with the pipes like anna mae
Speaker drippin with the sauce she be steppin in
Complex like Maleficent
Illy With the dividends, she be flippin shit
...If It sound fly, why flip the script
Check the laws of Maat, thats how we live