Chris Pop is a Nigerian-American visual artist and musician from Atlanta, Ga. His visual interests include painting, fabric & fashion design, film & photography. His musical interests include singing, songwriting, rapping, arranging & mixing.

He has a very eclectic musical style, derived from his wide ranging interests and musical influences. As a young boy, his parents played Earth, Wind & Fire, Sade & Ronny Jordan, immersing him in classic soul and jazz. As a teen, his older brother exposed him to everything from rock music to 80s electronica. Listening to artists like Prince, Pharrell & Michael Jackson, Chris admired their one of a kind tone and melodies and these made a deep impact on his own melodic style. Then artists like Nas, Andre 3000 & Lupe Fiasco gave Chris a foundation to base his poetic, smooth rap style upon. 

His visual style is a kind of modern take on classic African patterns. He often uses bold lines and geometric shapes to create stunning images that dance, move and excite the eyes. His style translates across many mediums, from fabric, fine art, street art, animation & more.